Printed school supplies with a name

Customised chool supplies with a name or text are super fun and useful for school. This way you always know which lunch box or backpack is yours. All our school supplies can be combined with each other. Find your most favourite photo or choose 1 of our fun designs and design your own school items!

Customised school supplies

Going to school for the first time? Or always bring home the wrong stuff? We have the solution for this. With these trendy school supplies with a name you will never take home the wrong bag or pencil case again. So not only fun, but also super handy!

  • Personalised school supplies
  • All products are available in different sizes and colours
  • Choose your own images and name/text
  • Always an original item!

Totally fun for lunch time, combine our water bottles and lunch boxes in multiple sizes, for the small and large eaters!

There's not just one type of water bottle, we print a pop-up drinking bottle, a campus water bootle and Ellipse bottle which are all BPA-Free. We also have alluminium water bottles and soft BPA-Free sports bottles, so many to choose from you'll definitely find what you are looking for.

Not only for school but also for on the road or work, we have a wide range of water bottles TO GO and lunch boxes TO GO. These can also be personally designed with a name and illustration or photo.

Great for the first day of school, they'll never bring home the wrong lunch box again! In addition to the lunch boxes and bottles, you will find kids personalised bags, such as backpacks, messenger bags, gym bags, pencil cases and keyrings.

Design your item. Choose your item, size and colour and start designing. Great for school: a personalised school outfit with a printed t-shirt, bag, lunch box and bootle. School=cool!