Lovely personalised items for baby's room

The birth of your baby is an unforgettable moment and there is a lot involved, for example decorating the baby's room. Does everything fit together? Isn't it too pink? If you want to give the room a personal touch, you are in the right place. Here you can order many products that will make your baby's room extra special with items you can design and personalise yourself.

Decorating a baby's room

Can't wait to decorate the baby's room? Then take a look at these nice accessories to decorate the baby's room. For example, a cotton storage bag, a crib / bed sheet with their name or a gorgeous rockign mammoth. There's lots to choose from to make their room extra special.

Storage in the baby's room

Stuffed animals lying around on the floor? Our sturdy canvas storage bags are ideal for baby's toys or laundry. Available in 2 handy sizes and two colours; cream and grey, they can be printed with lovely personalised prints. They are perfect to store everything at the end of the day. A useful and fun accessory for baby's room. Are you going for a print of a cool vehicle such as a fire truck, race car or airplane? Or will you opt for a sweet design with flowers, stars or a princess? You can design it all yourself with so many choices of images.