Personalised Back to School gear

Is the new school year or term just around the corner, and is it time to prepare your children's school supplies? A great way to do this is to personalise your children's school kit with their name, a fun print, photo, or inspirational text.

Personalised Back to School gear

At Simply colors you are at the right place for the best personalised printed school items. All products are available in different sizes and colors. Another unknown lunchbox at home? Lost your drinking cup? Or took home the wrong bag? Make your school items are personal by putting a nice print and name on them!

Personalised lunch box and water bottle to take to school

A lunch box with your own name and a matching bottle is handy and super nice to have. You will never lose your own lunchbox again and always take the good ones home with you. Our lunch boxes come in different colours and sizes from the brand Mepal. A lunch box naturally comes with a matching water bottle. Our water bottles are also available in different types. Consider, for example, the Mepal Campus series. This contains the nice customised pop-up drinking bottle and the personalised water bottle. The TO GO series also offers lunch boxes and water bottles where we print a name for you. For a personal lunchbox that is a bit more neutral, we have the lunchbox TO GO with a name, available in different sizes and in trendy colours. Whichever you choose, you can put together your set, exactly how you want it!

Personalised fruit / snack box with a name

Handy to fo with your lunch box and water bottle from Mepal: a customised fruit box with a name! Design it with the same print as the one on your lunch box and choose a matching color lid.

Customised Water bottles with a name

A personalised water bottle is not only an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles, but it's also a stylish and practical way to help your kids stay hydrated during a school day. You can have your name printed on a drinking bottle, or would you rather have a name with an image? That is also possible! We have several illustrations available with a name and a photo. Choose your favourite drinking bottle and print it with a name, a funny print, a photo or motivational text. With a personalised water bottle, you and your children always know which water bottle belongs to them.

Personalised Mepal water bottle

Mepal's range also contains various water bottles. For example, the Mepal Campus water bottle is ideal to take to school because of the leak-proof drinking spout and because the bottle has a capacity of 500 ml. The Campus pop-up drinking bottle also has a handy drinking spout and matches very nicely with the lunch box Campus. Available in many vibrant bright colours. Another Mepal water bottle is the Ellipse, it is a widely used water bottle for young and old. With a name on it, the drinking bottle is a great item in your children's school bag. Because of the nice bright colours and the different fonts available, you can make this bottle your child's favourite item at Simply colors. The Ellipse drinking bottle comes in two different sizes, 500 and 700 ml.

Personalised school bags

All your personal school items must of course be brought to school. And what could be more fun than to have a school bag that fits all your school gear in. Complete the set with a cool backpack or a nice shoulder messenger bag. A printed backpack or school bag is not only hip, but also very practical. Choose a design that suits your child and have their name, favourite print, photo or text printed on it. This not only creates a unique and recognizable bag, but also helps increase responsibility for their school kit.

Personalised backpack

A basic backpack can be brightened up with a personal photo, nice print or quote and of course the name of your child. The small backpack with name is perfect for little adventurers. Really nice to take with you on your child's first day of school and enough storage space for a lunch box and water bottle. The larger backpack is great for children in primary school, the basic backpack is available in different cheerful colors.

Customised Gym bag with a name

Design a handy water-repellent gym bag with a name for the school. The gym bag comes in the same colors as the backpacks, so you can make a nice set for your child to take to school. The gym bag is also useful as a swimming bag or for other sports activities. The personalised gym bag can also be taken to gym class. With our different bags you have enough choice and always a unique gym bag so that your child will not lose it!