Personalised cotton shopper tote bag

Are you looking for a unique, personal and sustainable gift? Maybe our custom cotton tote bag is just what you need! Perhaps the best thing about our bags is the personalisation option. Imagine having your own name, a nice photo, a funny text or even your favourite quote printed on your cotton bag. That not only makes it unique to you, but it can also be a great gift for friends, family or colleagues.

Personalised cotton shopper bag

  • Custom printed cotton bags
  • Replaces plastic bags in a fun & environmentally friendly way!
  • Choose your own image and name / text
  • Always an original item!

Make shopping even more fun with an environmentally friendly cotton bag with your own print and / or name! The bag is ideal for shopping, school or gym class! With your own print / name you always know which bag is yours.

The cotton bag can be printed with text and / or image. Fun to have printed is: "Bag of ..." or a nice heart with your name in it. Are you a real shopping fan? Then have a bag with a shopping quote on it! "I love shopping" or "Keep calm and shop on" are examples of fun shopping quotes. Other examples of fun texts you can have printed are: "Shopping is my workout", "I could give up shopping but I'm not a quiter" and "Just let me shop and no one gets hurt".

Design your own cotton tote bag

Of course you can also have a bag printed with just your own name. The personalised cotton bag is a really nice and handy to gift to a friend, a thoughtful present for under £10.00. Especially if they are a bit of a shop-a-holic!

They are also great for events with company branding or if your family are having a large gathering. Please contact our customer service team for further information on large quantities.

Design your own shopping bag, school bag or gym bag!

Product features

  • 1 size: 38 cm wide x 42 cm high
  • With long handles (67 cm long)