Personalised children's clothing

Looking for fun cheerful children's clothing with a name printed on? Or maybe you have some custom text, your own print or photo that you want printed on a t-shirt, babygrow or hoodie. Check out all the possibilities here!

Personalised children's clothing

At simply colors you will find many types of children's clothing that you can customise. T-shirts, hooded sweaters, polo shirts, dresses, pyjamas, tracksuit bottoms and many more, can be personalised with your own text and / or one of our many images. Printed children's clothing is fun for many occasions, such as a birthday, Christmas and your holidays.

Our personalised varsity jackets are really cool! The jackets with white sleeves are available in 6 different colours and can be printed with your own name and image (or name logo).

Tip: For a party, let the birthday boy or girl wear a personal printed t-shirt or a cap with their name and give the party children a personalised t-shirt or cap to take home as a souvenir! A great party bag idea! For a child about to become a big brother or sister, announce the birth with a t shirt customised with "I'm going to be big brother or sister' T-shirt", they will really feel involved.

Personalised sports shirt with your name or a team name

Personalised children's clothing is also useful during sports. Working out in a sports shirt with your own name and jersey number is super cool. A sports shirt with your name can be printed on both the front and the back. Especially useful if you are all in the same sports shirt, ideal for the entire football or hockey team, so you stand out! And very handy in the changing room so that your shirt cannot be mistaken for someone else's! It is also possible to have hooded sweaters, softshell jackets and sports bottles printed for the entire athletic or sports team. Great for school triathlon teams and out of school sports.

Children's clothing for every season

For the summer we have nice personalised dresses and short sleeve t-shirts and for the winter a cosy beanie, a warm hoodie and a scarf with a name to stay nice and warm. Or how about a nice long sleeve t shirt with an image and / or name or a cool sweater! All these fun children's clothing can be ordered all year round.