Personalised Mepal lunch box TO GO

Choose this lunch box TO GO from Mepal with your own name and design. Make your own unique lunch box with your name and favourite photo, print or maybe just a name, so you can always find the perfect personal lunchbox. Handy, right?

Personalised Mepal lunch box TO GO with name

The lunch boxes of the brand Mepal can be printed with a name, text and image of your choice. Design a unique print yourself: choose a colour, design the print, put your name in it and you have a unique lunchbox for work or a day out. This Mepal lunch box is available in many different colours. With the handy closures on the sides, you can click the lunch box super tight, so that your sandwiches stay in the box when you are on the road.

In the lunch box is a removable separator. For example, you can separate your bread from a piece of fruit or some snack vegetables. The handy large clip makes the lunch box easy to open, even for children, and also ensures that the box is firmly closed again.

Mepal lunch box and Ellipse water bottle as a set

Combine the Mepal lunch box TO GO with the Mepal Ellipse water bottle for a complete set. The colours of the water bottle and the lunch box can be matched and then printed with the same print. Your new school or work set is complete and can last for years!

Need inspiration for your lunch box?

With the many colours of lunch boxes and the different printing options, we understand that you may no longer see the wood for the trees. We are happy to help offer you inspiration! How about a star with a name? Or do you go for sport and choose one of our name logos with a football? By putting your name on it you can be sure that your lunch box will not be lost or mixed with someone elses.

Product features

  • Brand: Mepal
  • BPA free
  • Wear-resistant
  • Lid with print preferably wash by hand (or up to 60 degrees - top shelf in the dishwasher)
  • Available in 2 sizes: medium (4 sandwiches) and large (8 sandwiches)
  • Medium and large format have a movable separator to divide the box
  • Super convenient for school or office