Privacy Statement

Updated Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Your personal information. If you would like to place an order with Simply Colors you will be required to complete some personal information so your order can be processed correctly. You may like to know in more detail why we ask for your personal information and what we do with it. If you have any questions after reading this policy, please contact us via our customer service

Simply colors makes personalised products. Often, we use the information you enter to make your shopping experience as personal as possible. We customise what you see on our site to suit your interests. For example, we use data from previous orders, your IP address and surf and search behaviour kept in cookies. You can read more below about cookies.

What we do with your data?
We use your data for different purposes. We use your data at the time it is received, but also data is collected by ourselves. For example, information about your visit to our website.

Delivering your order
For your order, we require your name, email address, address(es), and phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you up to date on the status of your order. We give your information regarding an order to others when needed, for example to our delivery partners.

Your account
In mysimplycolors, we store the following information: your name, address(es), phone number, e-mail address, recent orders and shipping addresses. This is convenient, as you then don't have to enter this information each time you place an order. We will also keep information about your previous orders so that you can easily find the details.

Customer service
If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service. If you have placed an order, we will then store your remarks/comments together with this order.

You can sign up for our various newsletters, so you stay informed of our offers, promotions and our news. We have general and personal newsletters. The personal newsletters, we put together based on your data, such as previous orders, that makes the newsletter more interesting for you. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters you can unsubscribe here.

We love your reviews and our customers do to. If you would like to write a review, you can go to TrustPilot directly or we will send you a link after you have placed an order to leave us a verified review. The reviews are stored by an independent company TrustPilot

Personal shopping
We have so many products in our store that we will gladly help you find. For example by pointing out items that are interesting for you. This is based on your previous visits to our website. We look for cookies and your IP address, but also to what you have previously bought with us and any interests we know because we have asked you them. In addition, we and our ad networks and media agencies show you ads. This is based on your previous visits to our websites and the websites of third parties. We and our ad networks and media agencies collect the data of your search and purchasing behaviour based on cookie techniques, your IP address and the number of visits that is associated with the device that you surf on.


Social media
We really like it if you post questions via social media. We will save this information and you accountname so we can react as soon as possible.

What do we do with your data?
We only use your data to promote products and services of simply colors. We do not share your data with third parties to promote their products.

To ensure that the simply colors website is working properly and your shopping experience at simply colors is smooth we use of cookies.

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For more information regarding this statement please contact Customer service