Personalised children's bags with a name

Having children's bags personally printed with their name is super nice! Here you will find backpack's with a name, gym bags and other great sports bags. No more lost bags thanks to the name on the bag! If you prefer not to have a name, you can also have a nice photo, a text or your own print printed on it.

Design your own children's personalised bag

Printing bags with names, prints or photos is a popular trend that is both functional and stylish. It's a great way to set yourself or your kids apart from others and to add a personal touch to your bag. For children, printing bags with their name is a good way to help them recognize their belongings and avoid accidentally swapping them with someone else's. This is especially useful at school or the sports club, where bags often look alike and confusion can arise. In addition to names, bags can also be printed with images, patterns, prints or photos. This is a great way to personalise a bag and make it unique. Think, for example, of a bag with a photo of your holiday, your pet or a favourite hobby. It's also a fun gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions.

Personalised sports bag and swimming bag

Bags are also very useful for children if they are keen on a certain sport or go to swimming lessons. It is super nice to have a personalised bag that is always recognizable and fun with one of our unique prints. A personalised swimming bag is of course an essential item for children who can regularly be found in the pool. A named swim bag is the perfect way to distinguish it from others and make sure no one else accidentally runs off with your bag. The backpack for children, the gym bag or the sports bag are perfect to be used as a swimming bag.

Different types of children's bags

We have a wide range of different types of children's bags. In addition, the sports bag is multi-purpose, because it can also be used for an overnight or weekend trip, the sports bag is available in two sizes. A personalised suitcase is also great and handy to take with you when the little one goes on a trip or goes to stay with grandparents. Very useful are our jute bags, available in three different sizes, small, medium and large, which you can design with your own print. A cotton bag that you can use for shopping, perfect to have folded in your handbag just in case you need one. We print these with fun quotes, but also with other images!

Tip: During holidays or sleepovers, use a personalised suitcase or toiletry bag with their name. Lovely to give as a gift: our personalised wallets or pencil cases are always a hit!

All in all, personalised bags are a great way for your kids to stand out and add a personal touch to their accessories. Whether it's school bags, sports bags, swim bags or other types of bags, there is always a design and a print that suits every personal style.

Design your item! Choose your bag, size and colour and start designing your original bag! All personalised bags come in lots of cheerful colours and prints, because children love that!