Personalised baby accessories

Lovely baby accessories with the name of your child or to give as a gift. Have a bib printed with their name or your own text and image or baby beaker or sippy cup with their name, great to take to nursery. Design a cute bib, comforter or a hooded bath towel with the baby's name, date of birth or initials.

The cutest baby accessories with a name

Do you already know the baby's name? Then choose a cute baby accessory with a name for the baby. We deliver within 2 days well in time for your maternity visit. Take a look at our lovely products such as the baby comforter, the beautiful embroidered baby bath towels or bathrobes with their name.

Choose your product, size and colour and start designing your personalised baby accessory! If there is not quite something for you, take a look at the children's accessories or children's toys.

Tip: personalised products are always lovely to give as a gift, and you are guaranteed to put a smile on everyones face! Getting presents is nice, but when it's personal, it's fantastic. We don't just have gifts for babies, we have them for young and old, and for every occasion. That's why you've come to the right place if you're looking for a fun, self-designed personal gift!