Personalised mepal products

Going to school for the first time? Or always bringing home the wrong lunchbox? We have the solution for this. With these trendy personalised Mepal products with a name, you will never take home the wrong lunchbox again. So not only fun, but also super handy! Mepal is not only useful for school but also ideal for on the road or to take to work. Discover all the beautiful personalised Mepal products here!

Personalised school water bottle and lunchbox Mepal Campus

The pop-up bottle and lunchbox of the Mepal Campus series are completely fun to combine. If you choose sustainability, then of course you don't just choose a lunchbox. You also take a reusable water bottle to school! Not only ideal for your lunch at school, but also very handy to take with you during a day out, in the playground or when exercising. There is not only one type of water bottle, we also print a campus water bottle, which is translucent, so ideal for some schools which ask for the bottle to be see through. All Mepal water bottles have a leak-proof seal and are also easy to open by children's hands. Press and drink, that's the principle. It couldn't be easier! The bottles are leak proof and BPA free.

Mepal TO GO series

Not only for school but also for on the road or for work, we have a wide choice of water bottles and lunchboxes TO GO. The lunchboxes of this series are available in various sizes, for large and small eaters. These can also be personally designed with a name and illustration. And very helpful, after lunch the lunchbox can simply be put in the dishwasher.

Mepal Mio products for the little ones

Learning to drink by yourself is often accompanied by a lot of mess. That is why the Mepal Mio drinking cups are leak-proof, so nice! Upside down, on its side... No problem. The Mepal Mio anti-leak cup can be used from 6 months. Ready for the next step? Then you choose the straw cup suitable for children from 9 months. And here too, thanks to the name printed on it by us, no confusion with other childrens drinking cups