Personalised gym bag

This personalised and unique gym bag is a super solution for bringing sportswear, swimming gear and other necessities to the gym, sports club, swimming club or school. Our brightly coloured personalised gym bags with a name and fun print, are easy to recognize among the many bags in a changing room, and therefore you will not lose your bag easily!

Personalised gym bag with a name

Personalised gym bag with a name, this bag is available in 10 different colours. A nice gift to give for the start of the new school year. The gym bag is not only fun to give as a gift but also for your own child, and especially useful to take to the pool or to your sport training. The cheerful colours stand out very well. What makes this bag so unique is that it can be designed completely to your liking.

This gym bag is reinforced in the corners, and is easy to carry on your back with the two carrying cords. The dimensions of this handy and cheerful gym bag are 31 x 40 cm. Besides this gym bag, the backpacks are also of high quality and are available in two different sizes. These are convenient for the smaller children and the slightly older children.

Personalised school bag

A bag for school is indispensable, because how else are you going to carry your new pencil case and lunch box? Design your new backpack or messenger bag to go with all your other school stuff. These gym bags are great for pre-schoolers to carry their PE kit or a spare change of clothes, with a fun design, it's easy for them to know which bag is theirs.
For your gymnastics gear you can design a gym bag or cotton bag with your own text and/or image. The nice thing is that these can also be personalised to your liking, you can even make a set of your gym bag, backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle.

Tip: Put together a super cool back-to-school outfit: a personalised school bag, including a t-shirt, lunch box and water bottle all with your name.

Personalised cotton school bags

The cotton tote bag is a super fun and practical bag to take to school. This bag can be printed with your own text and/or image. You can also have fun shop quotes printed on the cotton bag, such as "Shopping queen" and "Shopping is my workout!" The bag is available in one size.

Gym bag product features

  • Size: 31 cm wide and 40 cm high
  • Material: 210D polyester
  • Water repellent
  • Extra reinforcement in the corners
  • With 2 carrying cords
  • Printed with your own text and / or image
  • Personalised gym bags should not be washed