Personalised Mepal water bottle: Ellipse

Healthy, environmentally conscious and affordable, that's this trendy, refillable water bottle from Mepal. Handy for work, during sports or leisure activities. Make the water bottle personal by adding your name or a line text.

Mepal water bottle Ellipse with a name

The water bottle Ellipse is from the well-known brand Mepal. It is a trendy drinking bottle for young and old. The Mepal water bottle can be used for school, but is also perfect for work or on the go. In the water bottle you can take your favourite drink with you! This Mepal water bottle Ellipse is a very nice bottle, but what makes it even more beautiful is that you can print this water bottle with your name.

A water bottle with a name is so much more fun! The bottle comes in different colours, namely nordic green, nordic denim, nordic pink and nordic red. You can choose the colour of the print yourself, this way you make the water bottle completely unique to you! This water bottle has a 700 ml capacity, is BPA-Free and is 100% leak-proof. It has a convenient loop to hold the bottle.

Environmentally conscious living with this Mepal water bottle Ellipse

We are helping to create an environmentally conscious earth and this Mepal bottle fits perfectly with that, as it is easy to refill. In addition, the product is 100% BPA free. BPA is a chemical that is found in many plastic products. This water bottle does not have that substance, so live environmentally conscious with this personalised Mepal water bottle with your name!

The best Mepal products with a name

The water bottle is from Mepal, it'is a very popular product in our range. Besides this bottle we have a lot of other great products from this brand. Think of the Lunch box Campus and Lunch box TO GO where fun logos can be printed on the lunch boxes. Match these lunchboxes with a matching personalised water bottle and a handy personalised fruit / snack box. These great products are all printed with your name, so every product is unique!

Our products are also great to give as gifts, because personalised gifts make receiving and giving even more fun! Design a Mepal water bottle Ellipse with your name now!

Product features

  • From the brand Mepal
  • Capacity: 700 ml
  • With handy loop to hold on to
  • 100% leakproof!
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe (up to 60 degrees), we would recommend washing the printed part of the bottle by hand to increase the longevity and quality of the print