Personalised lunch boxes and drinks bottles

Lunchtime at school can be a daily highlight for children. A nice lunch box, fruit / sanck box and school bottle can make this experience extra special. But what if these items could have a personal touch? Then take a look at our personalised lunch boxes where your name, a funny text, your favourite print or even your own photo can be on your lunch box or school bottle!

Personalised lunch boxes with a name

Lunch boxes are a must-have for school-age children, perfect for packing a healthy and nutritious lunch. But a simple lunch box can quickly become boring. That's why personalised options are a great idea! Whether you choose your child's name in bright colours, a catchy text that brightens up their day, a cheerful illustration, or even a photo of the family or their beloved pet, these special additions are sure to make their lunchtime more fun. For the lunch boxes we can choose from two series from the Dutch brand Mepal: Mepal Campus or the Mepal to go.

Personalised school water bottles

In addition to the lunch boxes, there are water bottles. They keep your kids' drinks fresh and tasty, and it's even more fun when they come with a personal touch. Imagine how proud your child will be when they take their water bottle with their own name on it out of their bag.

Design your own lunch box and water bottle

With personalised lunch boxes, fruit / snack boxes and water bottles, lunchtime always feels special. It's more than just food and drink. It's a way to make lunch festive and brighten up the day. So why settle for regular, boring lunch items when you can turn them into something super personal?
Here at simply colors you can design your own personal lunch products now!