Personalised baby sippy cup

Is your little one already starting to drink and asking for a drink in a cup? Then the baby sippy cup is ideal for carrying water or milk. Extra handy is of course a personalised beaker. At nursery or baby activity clubs there are probably several children walking around with the same sippy cup, with a beaker personalised with a name, you'll always know which one belongs to your baby. If you have twins you can give them their own sippy cup, same colour but with a different name.

Personalised Mepal sippy cup

A good development of the mouth and teeth of children is very important. This personalised Mepal sippy cup contributes to this good development and teaches your child to drink. Eating and drinking always causes mess with young children, so learning to drink from a cup will help with that. Your child can move his or her new sippy cup in all directions, without making a mess. This sippy cup is in fact a non-spill cup, which means that not a drop will come out without your child drinking from it. In addition, the large handles ensure that the sippy cup is easy to hold.

Besides the fact that this Mepal sippy cup is available in three beautiful colours, there is of course something else that makes this cup so great. The non-drip cup can be printed with your child's name. That makes this beautiful sippy cup unique. You can use the design tool to design the sippy cup the way you like it best! You can choose from the colours Deep Turquoise, Deep Blue and Deep Pink. The sippy cup is translucent, so you can easily see when the cup is full or empty.

Mepal sippy cup as a gift

The sippy cup is suitable for babies from 6 months and up, which of course makes the personalised sippy cup a lovely gift. In addition to the personalised sippy cup, the personalised Mepal straw cup is suitable for children from 9 months. This cup is available in the same colours as the sippy cup. The personalised straw cup is good for development, because it helps to exercise the mouth muscles. Both cups are from the brand Mepal, which means they are leak-proof and BPA-free. A personalised gift is always a great thoughtful gift, so order the personalised sippy cup now!

Product features

  • From the brand Mepal
  • Leakproof and BPA-free
  • Short drinking spouts for a healthier development of mouth and teeth
  • Suitable for babies from 6 months