Useful personalised holiday products with your name on

Time for a holiday! This means that the travel bags and suitcases are packed. It's great to have a large travel bag with your own name on it. Or a nice suitcase in aqua, pink, green or navy with a text and / or image. Extra fun: everything can be combined with each other!

Travelling with the best personalised holiday accessories

Your luggage which includes a personalised toiletry bag for all your toiletries is the perfect accessory. A car sunshade is useful for in the car! Design with your own text or a favourite illustration for your child.

Enjoy a day at the beach?! Don't forget our cheerful flip flops with a name, which are available in many different patterns and colours. Of course, for the beach you also need a personal beach towel or bath towel with your own name and / or illustrations on it!

For the little ones it is nice to design a suitcase with a name. Available in many colours and can be printed with your own text and / or image.

Bothered by the sun? For the little ones we have personalised sun hats. For older children and adults we have nice caps that you can have printed with your own text and / or illustrations.

Don't forget to drink enough! Print a personalised Ellipse water bottle with your own name to take with you wherever you go! Something you should never lose. a wallet. One with a name will make sure everyone knows who the wallet belongs to!

For the colder holidays we have cool hooded sweaters! A beanie will also come in handy in the cold.