Personalised Mepal drinking cup TO GO

Looking for a handy drinking cup for on the go, at school or at work? Then the Mepal drinking cup from the TO GO series is the cup you are looking for! Even more fun is that you can print this drinking cup with a name in a font of your choice and you can combine it with the other TO GO products from Mepal. A super handy set!

On the go drinking cup from Mepal

Are you going away for a day, is there a sports activity planned or are you going to have a picnic with the family? A drinking cup for on the go can of course not be missed. Mepal's TO GO drinking cup is ideal for this. Because the cup is available in different colours, you can choose your own colour for each family member. Also put the names of everyone on it, so that you know exactly which cup belongs to whom and what content is in it. Perhaps one child wants to drink milk and the other child lemonade. Everything is possible in these handy drinking cups. They are also leakproof!

Personalised mepal drinking cup TO GO

We can also print the TO GO drinking cup from Mepal with a name or your own text. A personally printed drinking cup ensures that you never lose your cup again or mix it up with others. By choosing your favorite colour in combination with your own name, you can be sure that you will not lose your TO GO drinking cup.

Mepal TO GO products

This Mepal cup is from the TO GO series and therefore matches perfectly with the other Mepal To GO products. Consider, for example, the TO GO lunch box. The To Go lunch box from Mepal can also be personalised. By personalising all your items with the same font, you create a fun set that will last for a long time!

Product features

  • Mepal brand
  • BPA free
  • Wear-resistant
  • Preferably wash the printed part by hand (or up to 60 degrees in the dishwasher, top shelf)
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • With twist-off cap
  • capacity 400 ml
  • Printable with 1 line of text