Dinosaur T shirt
  • Personalised Dinosaur T shirts, select a dinosaur and create your own dinosaur name
  • Available from newborn to age 16y
  • Six dinosaurs to choose from: a T-Rex to a Brachiosaurus!
  • Always an original gift!

Dinosaur T shirts are a BIG hit with all children! We have 6 dinosaurs to choose from; a T Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pteradactyl and a young Dinosaur. Once you've selected the dinosaur then the fun really starts! You can create any dinosaur name you like, add an 'osaurus' or a 'rex' or even 'atops' or 'adactyl' this really makes the t shirt unique. As with all of our other products you can choose the print colour and the font style for the text, creating a truly unique item. We even have one dinosaur where you can add an extra line of text for a 'discovered in 20..' making the t shirt extra special. These t shirts are the perfect gift, they wont want to take them off!

Tip: If you would like an extra line of text for 'discovered in ....' on one of our other dinosaurs just ask as we can always add this for you.