Personalised baby trousers

Cute personalised baby trousers

These cute baby trousers can be printed with your child's name or any other fun text you have in mind. The print is placed on the trouser leg. When you start working with the design tool, you can immediately see what the trousers will look like. Nice to combine with a personalised t-shirt for a complete outfit. A set that you can be sure is unique, because it was designed entirely by yourself. Not only do you decide which name or text will be printed on the trousers, you also choose the font and colour of the print. This way, you can create your own style.

Product features

  • 100% cotton
  • very good wear-resistant quality

Baby trousers with a name

The trousers are made of cotton and are very comfortable for your little one. You can be sure that your child will enjoy crawling around or playing in them. What's even more fun about these trousers is the fact that you can choose from many different colours. So you can be sure that there is the perfect colour for you. Of course, the trousers are not only great fun for your own baby, they are a lovely gift. If, for example, you are still looking for a unique baby gift, then this is certainly a nice present to give. Because the baby's own name is printed on the trousers, you are giving a very personal gift. You can choose from many different sizes. The trousers can be ordered for babies between 0-1m and 1.5 years. The elastic band at the top of the trousers includes a handy drawstring, making it easy to tie the trousers.