Wall and door stickers with name


These wall stickers with names are a real eye-catcher and a great accessory for any room! These stickers are especially popular in children's and babies' rooms. They embellish the walls and doors of every room and can be easily designed yourself! For example, the sticker can contain a name, a date or a small text. You simply choose a motif, select the colour and add the text of your choice - that's it! We will then take care of the production of your sticker!


These stickers are not only a real eye-catcher for your own home! A wall or door sticker with the baby's name or date of birth is also a great idea as a gift for the baby's room! But the stickers are also ideal for moving into a new house! The stickers can also be used to stick on the doors of the children's rooms from the outside, so that everyone knows who owns which room. The stickers are also easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.

Product features

  • Stick on smooth surfaces
  • Easy to apply (manual included)
  • Can be removed without leaving traces of glue