Personalised varsity jacket for adults

Personalised varisty jackets for adults, can be matched with kids varsity jackets to make a set for the whole family, great fun! Especially for a family gathering or for friends attending the same event. View our range of personalised varsity jackets here.

Cool varsity jackets with a name or a fun design printed. Ideal for going to sport or as a trendy jacket to use. This varsity baseball style jacket is also ideal for sports teams, possibly with your own club logo. The varsity jackets are available in different colours and personalised prints. We also have a cool varsity jackets for children. Are you looking for a jacket that has a great fit, is sporty and trendy all at the same time? Then these college varsity jackets are really something for you!

Order personalised varsity jackets

The process is simple. First, choose the jacket you want, in the right size and colour. Then choose what design you would like on it! You can choose funny or inspiring text, a cool print, your own logo, or even a photo you name it! These personalised varsity jackets are available in different colours. Nice to wear as a team or group of friends. All the same colour with a name and image, a great look for an event or special occasion.

Varsity jackets with club or sports logo

Have your varsity jacket printed with one of our name logos, or have your own club or company logo printed. If you would like to have your own logo printed, please contact our customer service team on 01454 807032 or It is best to send the logo directly, so that we can make sure it is suitable for printing.

Product features

  • 80% cotton and 20% polyester
  • with contrasting white sleeves, pockets and press studs