What is it?

You have the option to print a personal text and/or illustration on the bodysuits, t-shirts, polo shirts, rugby shirts, hoodies and dresses from the simply colors collection. Think about your child's name, his/her nickname, the family joke, or anything creative you can think of. The text will be printed on the kids clothing using a professional printing technique, using high pressure, high temperature and a high quality vinyl. The result is that all colours of text are very visible, even on the darker coloured items. Needless to say, after multiple washings the clothing and the printed text will maintain their vivid colours.

How to create a personalised item?

First you select the item from our collection that you want to personalise. After selecting size and colour, you have the option to print either front, back or both sides (depending on the item) of the item. You can then type your text, select your favorite font type, size and colour. We have 17 awesome font types and 21 great text colours! The choices you make will be instantly displayed on your screen. This way you will see your design before you order!
If you have any special requests ie; print on the back of a hoodie, small text on the front of a polo shirt, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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If you would like your corporate logo, sports team or multiple items printed please email  for further information.


To inspire you we have collected several fun examples, view them here.

What does it cost?

A regular print will cost £4.95 per side for the first line, an additional £2.50 is added if you select the second two lines. The illustrations cost £4.95 per side, if a line of text is added to the same side this will cost an additional £2.50.


Please note that in reality the colour combinations white on white, red on pink and light blue on aqua are less visible than on screen. We advise not to opt for any of these combinations.